3 Principles You Need to Know When Crafting your Marketing Funnel!

The Know, Like and Trust Principles

Have you tried marketing on social media but not seen any results? It’s most likely because your not following these 3 key principles that will get people into your marketing funnel and converting into customers.

The 3 key principles you need to follow are KLT also known as Know Like and Trust when you’re crafting each stage of your marketing funnel you need tone aware of how it’s going to help push them to the next stage of it.

The Know Principle

The Know principle sounds pretty simple but a lot of people fail straight off the bat. It takes on average a person 7 interactions with your business before they even take notice of it. A lot of businesses fail because they run one ad and they don’t know why they’re not getting any conversions. The whole point of the funnel is to get the customer to the point where they trust you and if you’re only going to run one ad and call it a day your not really gonna have built any trust. Just think about it do you trust everyone that shows up on your Facebook feed with a sponsored post. No! so why would everyone else.

Mount Rushmore

So whats the solution you need to show a user a number of different ads over a period of time. This will build trust because the people will remember you. And at that point you have got the know principle under wraps.

Please Like me

Next we have the like principle, There are a number of people we all know but don’t like. Most people know who the president of the United States is but not everyone likes him and therefore those people won’t vote for him. But thats ok! Not everyone is going to like you or you’re business. But we want to identify the people who do like you so we can guide them down the sales funnel. The great thing is we can retarget the people are likely to like you by re-targeting them based on there engagement with the ads you’ve already ran. By doing this were filtering out the people who have not shown any interest in you or your business.

3 friends together laughing

Trust is Earned

The third principle of a successful Marketing funnel is what we’ve been waiting for. Trust. Once you have a persons trust getting them to buy your product or service is as easy as selling water in a crowded desert in the middle of a drought.

father catching daughter

In this stage a person is actually paying attention to what you have to say. In order to builds a persons trust in you you need to prove yourself to them. Ok so how? Well. The secret is Provide Value and be authentic

To provide value you need to create content that entertains or informs. And thats how you create an optimised marketing funnel.

Bonus Round

But wait there’s a bonus round that most people miss. The ask?

The ask is when you ask them to either to sign up for your email list or buy you product or service hopefully by this time you’ve built a huge amount of good will with the free content. But to ease their minds do this. Lay your cards on the table. People are not stupid and 99% of people know why you’re advertising it’s to make money so  even if your not asking them to buy now they know at some point you will ask them to and nobody likes to be sold to people like to buy theres a difference. So what I mean by laying your cards on the table is answer the question which is the elephant in the room. That is, what’s in it for you?

So be authentic let the person know if your selling a product and thats the reason why you want their email address and even if they don’t want to buy they can still sign up and benefit from the content you provide.

The truth is a No is not permanent sometimes a No! just means not right now but if you’ve got following you have a direct link to feed them content and when they are ready to buy guess who they’re going to come to. Thats right it’s you.

So wrapping up instead of focusing on selling focus on building trust and the sale will naturally follow. If you need more information about how to craft your marketing content check out how you can use extreme specificity to beat your competition.

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