3 Stages of a successful Facebook Marketing Funnel!


Marketing on Facebook is no easy task, users are bombarded with sponsored content everyday and are becoming more desensitised to it. Therefore if you want your business to stand out you need to do it in 3 steps. These 3 steps are the backbone of any successful marketing campaign. So, what are these 3 steps you might ask? They are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion


The best way to get people to buy from you is not to tell them how good you are but to show them As the age old saying goes actions speak louder than words. What I’m alluding to of course is content marketing. By showing people why you are an authority in you industry you build trust with you audience, you build a connection with them because you are educating them and they make themselves aware of your business. Then the next time they need a business in your industry their first stop will be your business because of the connection you’ve already built with them.

The truth is people are lazy and you can give them all the tools to cut you out of the picture but they won’t. Instant gratification is big business and whether your selling a product or a service they’d rather pay someone else to get what they need so they can continue binge watching breaking bad on Netflix for the fifth time.

Facebook app on Iphone

Retargeting (Consideration)

Of course a Facebook campaign should be designed correctly with a properly designed landing page and a proper retargeting campaign. When it comes to retargeting a good marketer will shine. It’s very easy to set up a Facebook pixel on your landing pages and once this is done you can consistently market a specific product or service to a user who has already shown initial interest and if you’re able convert them and get them onto your email list you can send them a newsletter as well as offers and coupon codes to entice them to buy.


Keeping track of how far a customer has gone down your sales funnel a user has gone is important. For example if a customer went all the way down to the checkout and at the last minute abandoned their cart you can send them an email advising them you noticed they “forgot to checkout” the product and reminding them of all the benefits they look forward to once they do complete the purchase.

Facebook Website on Computer


Ad Optimisation

All this being said any good social media marketer will tell you to test, test and test. Don’t you throw all your money into an ad because you’ve put so much work on creating it. In the words of the late great Patrice O’neil sell them what they are buying. What I mean by this is test what ads are working best with a particular audience testing the different creatives and ad formats.

Once you know what converts customers best then and only then should you focus on scaling up to increase your sales. When you scale up expect your CPA (Cost per Acquisition) to increase but as long as you’re keeping track of your profit margins and making sure your bottom line is always increasing it’s all good.

Audience Optimisation

After you have gathered enough data from your Facebook pixel you can use Facebook’s “Lookalike Audience Targeting”. Using this you can target people who are similar to people who have already taken specific actions on your website or Facebook ads.

If you have a piece of video content you can create Lookalike Audiences for people who are similar to those who have watched over 95% of your video this is a great way to target people who are likely to be interested in what you have to say and buy what your selling.

In conclusion there are a number of tools at your disposal so make sure you are using all of them because one things for sure your competition is.

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