Boomerang social was first founded for the purpose of helping brands with social media marketing. After a while we found may of our clients were looking for a full scale digital marketing agency. In 2017 we added search engine optimisation and google ads management to our services. We’ve had great success these last 2 years and our clients have been very happy with our services and our client list has grown to include large companies including Premier Inn.

Social Media Marketing

We help a number of businesses generate leads, build brand awareness and generate e-commerce sales. For more information on how we do this visit our social media marketing page.

Search Engine Marketing

For many skill based service businesses the best form of marketing is generating leads from search engine traffic to a businesses website. Why? Because when a person is looking for someone to perform a service for them they want to find people who are highly skilled and have a good reputation. These types of searches have purchase intent so are much more likely to convert. We can generate traffic from search engines either by search engine optimisation or by sponsored listings using google ads. Find out more information about search engine optimisation or google adwords management.