Beat Your Competition with Extreme Specificity!

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When it comes to marketing your product you need to be able to separate yourself from your competition. People want to know what makes your product different from your competition. As Dr Drew Eric Whitman put it in his book Ca$hvertising “Crush Your Competition with Extreme Specificity”.

Which would you prefer?

  1. Matteo’s juicy top quality beef steak are served with tastiest potatoes which are boiled to perfection.
  2. Leonardo’s mouth watering beef burger made from the highest quality red Angus prime cut beef, Cooked to perfection by our award winning chef in a £124,000 german designed professional kitchen. Our potatoes, They’re cooked until they are crispy brown on the outside and soft as a cloud once your fork pierces the outer skin. All this comes together to give you an unforgettable experience.

The answer is very clear. This is an example of going into extreme detail to explain why a prospect should buy Leonardo’s product instead of Matteo’s. The two products could be exactly the same but the difference is one piece of marketing copy explains what makes there product or service special. This gives a prospect taste of what they can expect if they do buy and also sets their expectations.

Chef Cooking

How to Get Specific

When it comes to getting specific about your offering think about what you can point out that can differentiate it. Let’s think about everything that goes into your product or service it could be:

  1. The quality of the raw materials, the manufacturing process
  2. The skill of the people who are involved
  3. the price
  4. The time it takes
  5. Other famous clients who are customers.

For example one of my favourite companies is Amazon. Let’s take a look into what marketing techniques are used by Amazon. There are a few that come to mind. You could describe how convenient it is for customers to get next day delivery if they need something fast, how they beat there competitors on pricing or even how easy it is to buy something with their one click buy button thus saving them from going through the drawn out checkout process every other company uses.

You should already know what you do better than your competition. If you don’t your business is in real trouble. Your value proposition is the only reason for a someone to choose you if you don’t know why they should choose you how can you possibly convince anyone else.

The Power of Setting Expectations

When you have successfully got someone to desire your offering by differentiating your product or service you set the customers expectations. The great thing about this effect is that the customer is going in wanting to like what they buy. If your customer has already bought the product or service they will give you every benefit of the doubt to confirm that they were right when they chose you over your competition.

Just before I finish off I can’t stress the importance of having a top quality offering. Although a customer might want to like your offering if they feel duped they’re going to be very angry.

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