Does Social Media Management increase customer retention?

Social Media Management and Customer Loyalty

Everyone knows the importance of marketing your business through social media, that’s why so many companies are now doing it. But how does a company’s social media following impact customers you already have? Having a good social media management company will help keep your social media account active and keep your following engaged. At Boomerang Social we compare having a strong social media following to having an email list of loyal customers. Share new offers with them or the release of a new product or service. When used correctly this will help up sell already existing customer and get them to purchase from you more often. Share new offers with them or the release of a new product or service.

Restaurant Retention

The number one problem that most businesses have is that they do not convert most of their customers to followers. A good example of a missed opportunity for social media management to increase retention rate is the in the restaurant industry. Think about it, whats one of the first things restaurant patrons do when they enter your restaurant? They ask for the wifi password! Restaurants can now buy Facebook Modems which allow customers to connect to a businesses wifi only after they have checked in to their business and liked their page on Facebook. Liking your page gives you a follower that you can market to week in and week out reminding them of their first experience. Then when they are contemplating where to go out to eat you can be sure you’re business is more likely to be chosen.


It’s Science

But don’t take our word for it this is simple science! The reason this social media management tactic is so powerful is because of the consistency principle. Robert Cialdini explained why this principle is so powerful in his book “Influence“. As explained in the video at the top of this page, during one study researchers were able to increase the number of homeowner who would place a drive safely billboard on their front lawns by 400%. How? Simple, 10 days before they asked them to place this large billboard on their they had asked them to place a small drive safely postcard in their front window.


The great thing about checking in on Facebook is it acts as a personal recommendation to that persons followers. It says I think this business is great and you should try it. If theres one thing that all marketing agencies know it’s that word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing.


When it comes to creating a buzz about your business use every tool at your disposal. Remember it’s cost 5 times as much to acquire new customer to keep existing ones so remind you followers why they like you by keeping them up to date with your promotions or anything new that might interest them. When it comes to acquiring customers use the ones you already have to share their patronage with their followers. If you are currently looking for a social media management company check contact us for a free consultation.

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