Google Adwords management is a quick and easy way to get your website to the top of google. It works in a very simple way, to start with we set up a Google Adwords account, create an ad and choose the keywords you we want to target.

Keywords Targeting

Choosing what a user needs to search for in order for your ad to be shown is called keyword targeting. Keyword targeting lets us choose when your ad is shown on Google. This allows us to show your ad to people who are actively looking for businesses like yours.

I’m Here!

One of my favourite movies of all time is The Equalizer with Denzel Washington starring as a C.I.A operative named Robert McCall. The antagonist of the movie however is Nikolai Itchenko, a former KGB operative who is given the task of Killing Robert. What has this got to do with Google Adwords management?

Well there’s a scene in the movie where Nikolai goes to meet an Irish mobster called Little John. Even though he knows the Irish had nothing to do with it. Nevertheless Nikolai starts a confrontation with him and proceeds to beat “Little Johnny” to a pulp whilst his associate shoots the other two Irish mobsters. Later, he is asked by his colleague “what the hell was that?” He replies “It’s a message, it says I’m Here!”

Make a Statement

Similarly by using Google Adwords Management you can get clients quickly and quickly build a great reputation. By doing this you will get more customers through word of mouth. Like Nikolai you should also make a statement in your industry and let everyone know that you have arrived.

Overall using Search Engine Optimisation with Google Adwords Management will provide you the best results. The Search Engine optimisation increases your organic traffic over the long term whilst Google Adwords helps over the short term.