If you own a business in 2019 you’re already aware of how important search engines optimisation in the UK is. High organic rankings in search are like a referral from google to your company. The social dynamics are the same but the players have changed. Back in the day before the internet if you wanted to find a product or service you’d ask a friend and they’d refer you to brands that they approve of. The same dynamic applies in the post internet world, the only difference is Google is the most popular friend in the world and it’s really good at referring people to websites they will like.

Of course people still get refer their friend through word of mouth and they always will. The competitive advantage Google has it has billions of people using its search engine every day. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t know anybody with a network of friends that big.

Experts in UK Search Engine Optimisation

We don’t believe in being being Jack’s of all trades and masters of none! Our search engine optimisation experts specialise in SEO. Their sole focus is to get your website to the top of Google for your chosen keywords. We’ve consistently helped businesses increase their UK Search Engine Rankings. So if your a business that has the bulk of your customers based in the UK lets get started.

Search engine optimisation UK that lasts like the pyramids of Egypt

Building Long Term

Amazon didn’t make a profit for the first 7 years of it’s existence. Jeff Bezos, who is Amazons C.E.O understood that for long term success he would need to make a loss in the beginning. Now Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world with a net worth of over $150 billion.

Long Term SEO Success

Unlike some companies all our Search Engine Optimisation is done using white hat strategies. This means we don’t try and trick google into ranking your website higher for specific keywords. These black hat strategies used by shady companies might work in the short term but eventually Google eventually catches on and the ranking for website that have used black hat strategies plummet.

At Boomerang Social we believe in building long term success for our clients with our search engine optimisation. We do this by giving Google what it wants. So what does Google want? Simple, Great Content. Google wants people to find what there are looking for. So if they want to know how to cook a chicken they want the user to find articles that give them this information and is better than all the other articles that explain the same thing. If your looking for a the best wallpapering company in the UK, Google will give you results for companies that claim to be the best and are recognised as the best within the industry by others.

Our link building Search Engine Optimisation positions your company as a market leader. We do this by providing great content and getting others in your industry to link back to your website.

With our on-page Search Engine Optimisation we provide great content that is optimised for specific keywords. Google can only identify what your website is about by having crawlers read through it. Our job is to make your website explain what your business is about in a way that is pleasing to Google and also provides the reader explaining why your company is what they are looking for.